Greg Kesner, PRO Officer - Hampshire High School

Deputy Kesner is Hampshire County's Prevention Resource Officer.  He is
stationed full time at Hampshire High School.  Greg is a graduate of the 88th
Basic Class of the West Virginia State Police Academy.  Prior to working for the
Sheriff's Office, Cpl. Kesner worked for 5 years as a Patrolman for the Romney
Police Department and 16 months as a Deputy Sheriff for Hampshire County
Sheriff's Office under Sheriff Phil Nixon.
Hampshire County Sheriff's Office
John P. Alkire, Sheriff

The PRO Program is a cooperative effort between schools and law
enforcement to:  Improve students attitudes and knowledge of criminal
justice and law enforcement;  to prevent kids from committing crimes;  to
mentor youth with law enforcement officers;  to provide a safer school
environment and;  to combine safety and child advocacy assuring a better
school experience for all WV youth.

The PRO Program places certified WV Police Officers who are also certified
Prevention Resource Officers in local middle and high schools.  The officers
maintain an office in the school, are in the school 40 hours per week, attend
extra-curricular activities, facilitate classes on non-traditional educational
topics;  such as juvenile law, domestic violence, underage drinking, drug
and alcohol prevention, and child abuse and neglect.  They work on safety
issues, prevention and learning more about youth and interaction with them.