Sheriff's Summer Kids Kamp - 2013
For the 8th consecutive year, the Hampshire County Sheriff's Office will host "Kids Kamp" for
Hampshire County's youth between the ages of 9-14.  The dates for this year's camp are:

May 31, June 1st & 2nd

"Kids Kamp" will be held at Peterkin Camp & Conference Center, located along the
South Branch River just West of Romney.  

Deadline to turn in application:
MAY 6, 2013 at 4:00pm

Applications must be mailed to:

Hampshire County Sheriff's Office
66 North High Street Rm 2
Romney, WV  26757
"Kids Kamp" gives the Hampshire County's youth an opportunity to experience high quality
recreational activities, and to form positive relationships with law enforcement officers.  The
Sheriff's Office is committed to providing a positive experience with highly qualified, and trained
staff that are knowledgeable in the instruction and supervision of children.
Click the links below to download necessary forms for "Kids Kamp"

DOWNLOAD Application
DOWNLOAD Peterkin Covenant  (Must be completed with application)  
DOWNLOAD Health & Medical Form (Must be completed with application)

All of the above forms must accompany your application to Kids Kamp.
We are requesting a donation of $25.00 per camper this year to offset costs of shirts and other
related expenses.  
This is not a mandatory fee to attend.