Neighborhood Watch
In the summer of 2005, The Hampshire County Sheriff's Office implemented it's
Neighborhood Watch Campaign.  It's pilot neighborhood was the Indian Heights
community just West of Romney.  This program is still growing and has already
had an impact on reported crimes in the community.

Neighborhood policing by you and your neighbors, together with local law
enforcement, creates a greater sense of security, well-being, and reduction of
fear of crime because you know you and your neighbors will "LOOK OUT FOR

The Programs trains you how to observe and report suspicious activity occurring
in your neighborhood.  It trains you on what information law enforcement officers
need when you report a crime and why.  

Knowing your neighbors is an important feature and benefit of this program.  You
get to know their regular patterns so you can see when something is unusual.  
You get to know how to contact them quickly.  You know when they are on
vacation, when they are at work and who the occupants are in the home.  Being
aware of this information is not invading anyone's privacy or "snooping", it is
guarding against any situation that could be dangerous to your neighborhood.  It
simply comes down to the motto of, "WE LOOK OUT FOR EACH OTHER".

Posting Neighborhood Watch signs on your street and labels or decals on your
windows tells a criminal that (a) you are not an easy target, that (b) they are
probably being watched and (c) you have taken the steps necessary to deter
crime in your neighborhood.  Convicted burglars have admitted that they avoided
neighborhoods that have Neighborhood Watch Signs posted.  

For more information on how to get a Neighborhood Watch Program started in  
your subdivision or neighborhood, contact Deputy Mechelle Sabin
at the Sheriff's Office. She will be more than happy to sit down with you and go
over what is needed from you and what we can do for you.

Sheriff's Office:  (304) 822-3894