Capon Bridge Sub-Office Now Open Daily
The Hampshire County Sheriff’s Office is pleased to announce that beginning September 5, 2012 a tax deputy/law
enforcement secretary will be at the Hampshire County Sheriff’s Sub-Office located in Capon Bridge between the
hours of 9:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. Monday thru Friday excluding holidays. The office is in the former Capon Bridge
Middle School located off of Cold Stream Road.

Several members of the Sheriff’s Office have worked diligently to make this opportunity a reality to better serve the
citizens on the eastern part of our County.

Saundra Frey will be the new employee serving from this office and she brings experience from WV DMV and a
local bank. We are very pleased to have Saundra as part of our staff. Saundra has been training in the Tax Office
and Law Enforcement officer over the past 2 ½ weeks.

Having this part-time position at our sub-office in Capon Bridge will also allow our law enforcement deputies to
provide better police coverage to the eastern portion of the County. Deputies have been utilizing this office over
the past few years but now they will be able to utilize it even more, having a secretary at this office to enter various
items into our records management system.

The Sheriff’s Office is always looking for ways to better our services to the Community and we believe this project
is long overdue. Over the past several years, through grants, we have upgraded the records management system
that now allows us to access our records over the internet, making it possible for a sub-office.

During the specified hours Saundra will be collecting personal and real estate taxes, renewing certain vehicle
registrations and anyone needing to speak with a law enforcement deputy can also report to the Capon Bridge
sub-office during these hours.

If you are in need of law enforcement services from the Sheriff’s Office during non-business hours you can always
call 304-822-3894 to speak with a deputy 24/7 or if you have an emergency you should simply call 911.

We also would like to extend our appreciation to our current County Commissioners Bob Hott, Dave Parker and
Steve Slonaker for being receptive to our vision to enhance this office.