Child Abuse Charges For Female Leaving Children In Hot Car
On July 10, 2012 at approximately 7:45 P.M. Cpl. Jamie Carter of the Hampshire County Sheriff’s
Office received a report of young children being locked in a van at Food Lion Parking lot without
any adult supervision. The van was reported to have all of the windows rolled up tight and was
not running.

Upon Cpl. Carter’s arrival the adult who was suppose to be responsible for the children was
identified as Hannah L. Montgomery, age 24, had  just returned to the van. Montgomery reported
that she had taken the children inside with her to shop and had just returned with them. Deputy
Carroll arrived on scene to assist with the investigation and he reviewed video surveillance at
Food Lion and it was clear from the video that Montgomery had entered the store alone,
shopped alone and exited alone. At no time were the children in the store with her.

According to witness statements, Montgomery arrived at Food Line at approximately 7:20 P.M.
Montgomery rolled up all of the windows and left her children in the van. After approximately 10
minutes the children began to cry and scream that they were hot. A female witness then went
inside the store to find the adult female that had left the children in the van. The witness found
the suspect female and initially she did not want to go back outside to the children. Montgomery
finally went back outside to the children and she began cursing them for telling people they
were hot. She then went back into Food Lion and left the children unattended in the van again.
Montgomery left the windows rolled up again and the vehicle turned off. The children continued
to cry that they were hot. Approximately 20-25 minutes passed and she returned to the van but it
would not start. Deputies arrived on scene at about this same time and noticed that the children
were sweating profusely. The outside temperature was 82 degrees F. There was a total of five
children in the vehicle ranging from the ages of 18 months to six years old. Deputies arrested
Montgomery and charged her with five counts of child abuse creating risk of injury. During a
search of Montgomery’s purse they also located a small amount of marijuana. Montgomery was
also charged with possession of marijuana less than 15 grams.